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MARK ECO SYSTEM is a magnetic system that removes existing deposits of limescale and prevents the accumulation of new ones.

The mode of operation is confirmed by several scientific studies done by University of Maribor and other scientific institutions. A key element of MARK ECO SYSTEM is a magnetic current deflector, which is unique in this form in the world, because through decades of research we have found that it is the only effective, sustainable and energy-efficient way to remove and prevent the formation of limescale. MARK ECO SYSTEM removes scale deposits in the form of both calcite and aragonite, which again indicates MARK ECO SYSTEM as unique. MARK ECO SYSTEMS are adapted and dimensioned for installation on any supply pipe in the household, industry or other areas, under different conditions of flow, temperature and pressure. Once installed, MARK ECO SYSTEM does not require maintenance, energy consumption and replacement, which means that it is a one-time cost.

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Water Ripple

MARK ECO systems

Before mounting the MES

After mounting the MES

A quick comparison of competing systems  with MARK ECO SYSTEMS


After a detailed review of competing systems, we find that the systems MARK ECO sustainable and ecological. With systems MARK ECO customers save on electricity costs. At the same time, we reduce emissions CO2 and we reduce the service cycles of devices connected to MARK ECO.

History of MES


Filed patent no. P-9700138

In 1997, Mr. Ivan Šprah filed a patent application for the first  Mark Eco system.With the first systems MARK ECO let's enter the company KRKA d.d.


Participation in the project


Between 2011 and 2013, the company ABENA Ltd participated in the project EUREKAwith the Mark Eco systemSeveral universities participated in the project, such as the University of Maribor, the University of Seoul-South Korea, the University of Prague-Czech Republic, the University of Tel Aviv-Israel...


4inovations Ltd. acquires in the portfolio brand MARK ECO SYSTEM

In 2019, the company4inovations Ltd., with the influence and consent of Mr. Ivan Šprah and ABENA Ltd acquires exclusive rights to market and produce MARK ECO systems.

2021 - 2023

4inovations Ltd. awarded several times by the site GZS for innovation of the year

Between 2021 and 2023, the company 4inovations Ltd. several times awarded by the GZS for innovation of the year. Systems development MARK ECO exceeds expectations in these years.

Satisfied customers

What do they think of us...

The best advertisement is satisfied customers. Our customers have recognized the advantages and quality of our products.


Joze Kajzer - GEBERIT maintenance manager - sanitary industry

Very good results were shown in two weeks. The filters are no longer clogged, which has reduced system interventions and cleaning the filters on the cooling system is no longer necessary. This reduced the cost of maintaining the cooling system.


Janez Gale - technical director of GORICANE - paper industry

After installing the MARK ECO SYSTEM, we were able to abandon the periodic opening and mechanical and chemical cleaning of limescale, for which we had to spend a certain number of hours each time and buy chemicals. After a year of using the system, the heat exchanger is completely clean - no scale.

Graffiti Removal

ing. Niko Vukša
SISAPI – high pressure industry

Mark Eco System is used in our steam cleaning technology for outdoor surfaces, it is easy to use and connected to a steam cleaner. The machine operates at pressures of up to 270 bar and 120°C. MARK ECO SYSTEM provided us with smooth operation without additional loss of time in cleaning limescale, which always accumulated in the spiral coils of the heating system. Before that, we cleaned the limescale with technical acid every few days. We thank Mr. Šprah and his team for their careful, professional work and successful work in finding a solution for ours


dr. Jerneja Kastelic
Mercator Real Estate/Mercator Real Estate

4inovations Ltd.'s Mark Eco Systems have proven to be extremely effective in removing existing limescale and preventing new limescale build-up in our devices. Within a month, the system cleaned the ice maker, the convector oven for baking bread, the thermal showcase and the entire water supply network of calcite deposits. This contributed to a reduction in the cost of cleaners and a reduction in the number of services and thus the cost of device services. By operating the Mark Eco Systms we are very satisfied, and the functioning of the systems is in line with the sustainable efforts of the company Mercator we pay special attention.


Danijel Muršič

director | CEO
MENERGA d.o.o.

After installing the MARK-ECO System of constant flow of approx. 3.3 m3/h of flow, there were exceptional results detected already after 400 hours of operation.

The distribution pipes were cleaned of previously deposited large amounts of carbonate hardness, the heat exchanger plates became clean.

Now both devices are operating in the optimal operating range, the water for the purpose of indirect evaporative cooling is clean,

With the MARK-ECO System we have reached the state of operation of the device in fully project parameters. This will greatly increase the lifetime of the device, which is a great benefit for the investor.

We also cooperate with 4inovations Ltd.  intensively and constructively and successfully on our other projects.

Our references

MARK ECO system trusted by companies in Slovenia and abroad.

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