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Plant Boost System

How to find a more appropriate way of producing crops that, with the same water consumption, ensures a larger and better quality crop.

The innovative device for improving plant growth, Plant Boost System (later on referred to as PBS), was tested on fields in 2022 at the Agricultural Institute - KIS, with exceptional results. The results of testing the watering of crops with water treated with PBS showed a more intense or faster growth than watering with untreated PBS water.

Prior to the testing at the Agricultural Institute, preliminary testing also took place, which also showed faster growth of plants that were watered with water treated with PBS compared to plants that were watered with water not treated with PBS (other conditions for the development of palnts were the same).  

Image by Abigail Lynn

Test at the Selection and Testing Center Ptuj
Veis Majda

In 2022, we set up an experiment with watering the plants.
The seedlings were transplanted to a permanent place on 21/07/2022. We planted a sample with 5 seedlings  with an inter-row distance of 60 cm, and a control sample also with 5 seedlings.
During the growing season, plants were watered with enriched water using the company's device 4inovations Ltd., plants in the control or and the comparative sample with plain water.  When watering the plants  watered with the same amount of water in each sample.
During the growing season, there was a very dry period with high temperatures. The plants were also mulched with wheat straw.
We watered the plants 10 times with enriched water, and at the end of August we stopped watering.
The plants surprised us at the beginning of October  with the crop.
Plants that were watered  with enriched water  were 8-10 days earlier and with slightly larger beautiful compact  flowers compared to plants in the control sample.

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