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Efficiency in innovation

The company 4inovations Ltd was founded  2017. In 2019, we took over the brand MARK EKO, which we developed and upgraded in the following years. From 2019, alongside MARK EKO we successfully developed new products in various fields, including protective Washie pads, skincare Caché oil and Plant Boost System PBS, for which we received several awards in the field of innovation in 2021, 2022 and 2023.

Innovation and the development of new products is at the very core of the strategy and operation of the company 4inovations, which is based on innovation and the search for new solutions from the very beginning. We strive to solve problems through innovation, placing high functionality, satisfaction and sustainability at the core of product development.  


Designed for the future

Scientifically proven

On the Laptop
Water Drops
Clothing Rack

From blue to green

Faster and better plant growth

Specialists in descaling

Reduces electricity consumption

Clothing protection

Prevents sweat stains on clothes

Relieve the signs of dermatitis

Oil for dermatitis and for sensitive and dry skin.

Contact us

Kratka ulica 12, 2311 Hoče, Slovenia

+ 386 (0)70 718729

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